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sprintcart is an online technology platform
that provides procurement management and
digital automation solutions to organizations with a nationwide network.

A seamless, technology driven, procurement management workflow designed to help organizations with a nationwide network automate and manage their procurement to fulfilment function

robust mis report

Robust MIS report offers in depth information on trends for effective business decisions

identing approvals

Covers from indenting to approvals, inventory management to production, logistics to last mile delivery all on a single dashboard

indent request

Serves indent requests of 100-50000 employees across verticals, businesses and locations

digisafe representive icon

Comes with ready to use tech solutions: DigiSafe – online digital repository, Genius Card – digital business card application


100% recycled brand TreeLife to help you go green (stationery products)


  • Centralised online web2procure workflow
  • Multi-user access for placing indents
  • Automated progress notifications to indenter
  • Mobile application
user dashboard


  • Control Dashboard
  • Customizable user rights with authorization controls
  • 7 layer robust MIS
  • Inventory management
  • Budget Alerts
  • Supply Management
  • Multi-location delivery and logistic management
management dashboard


  • TreeLife Store
    A brand of recycled stationery products
  • DigiSafe
    Online digital repository
  • Genius Card
    Near Field Communications business card
innovation dashboard

Effective Use of Technology

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Calculate Incremental Revenue Opportunity
based on TAT Efficiency.

Feature Highlights


Existing Systems

Automation Automated, Structured, Efficient, Data Abundant Manual, Unstructured, Inefficient, Data Deficient
Collating monthly requirements Under 60 sec 7.7 hrs
Placing monthly indents Under 60 sec 40 min
Updates on indents Realtime Instant Updates 3 Days
MIS updates Realtime Instant Updates 7 Days
Accessibility Exclusive minisite Mobile application ANDROID & iO Manual Messaging Systems
Turn around time Under 10 Days 21 Days
Performance Efficiency, Savings, Performance, Saves resource time High - Efforts, TAT, Inventory Cost, Resource Cost


DigiSafe is a virtual digital repository for storing, editing, personalising & sharing digital assets used for engagements across platforms.

It’s a must have tool for every organisation that promotes and sells services / products online

Any digital collateral such as an emailer / webmailer / Ppt / Audio Visual etc in multiple formats can be stored and published for the use of both internal and external publics.

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Genius Card

The Genius card is a digital business card with NFC technology. It instantly shares your contact details and address, social media digital handles and business catalogues, ready to be saved in a phone's address book.

It allows you to change your contact details anytime & anywhere without reprinting your card. Just have one Genius card & you would never run out of business cards.

The Genius card lets you keep track of when, where & with whom you shared your contact details. All this without a custom application.

Using NFC Technology, the card can trigger a wide range of actions when tapped against a smartphone.

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TreeLife is manufactured at a FSC certified facility and is made from 100% waste material by sustainable and environmental friendly processes.

We are a start to finish, ISO 9001 : 2015 compliant, offset print services provider working with corporate India since 2001. With a strong client base and service relationships with its customers TreeLife was born to service the ever growing demand for sustainable recycled copier paper. Unik is the marketing partner and brand owner of TreeLife.

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