Contactless NFC Business Card

The Genius card is a digital visiting card with NFC technology. It instantly shares your contact details and address, social media digital handles and business catalogues, ready to be saved in a phone's address book.

It allows you to change your contact details anytime & anywhere without reprinting your card. Just have one Genius card & you would never run out of business cards.

The Genius card lets you keep track of when, where & with whom you shared your contact details. All this without a custom application. Using NFC Technology, the card can trigger a wide range of actions when tapped against a smartphone.

About Genius Card


  • NFC enabled business card
  • Backed with Cloud based digital platform
  • Highly customization business card. Available for than 20 different fields.
  • Compatible with all NFC enabled smartphones
  • Compatible with all IOS devices
  • One click to share your contact on Whatsapp
  • One click to save contact in your smartphones
  • Integration of phone, email, map on card


  • Instantly share your information with your customer
  • Never run out of business cards
  • Update / edit details on our customised appliation within minutes
  • Share your business offerings instantly for greater recall and business growth
  • Facilitate connections with customers across social media platforms resulting in greater engagement
  • Automatic mapping of sales commission via MyUniqueLink
  • MIS helps you to monitor and ensures safety of your data
  • Offers freedom from mundane activities and offers more time for business growth and prosperity

Product Explainer Video

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