Online Digital Repository

DigiSafe is a virtual digital repository for storing digital assets used for social media engagements across platforms. It’s a must have tool for every organisation that promotes and sells services / products online.

Any digital collateral such as an emailer / webmailer / Ppt / Audio Visual etc in multiple formats can be stored and published for the use of both internal and external publics.

About Features


  • Cloud based digital platform to store all your digital assets
  • Multi user access with customisable user rights
  • Instant upload and download capability across multiple formats without size restrictions
  • Allows users to customise assets with their unique logo / branding
  • Instant share feature directly with any social media tool (Whatsapp / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn etc)
  • Manage and monitor the use of your assets through system intelligence
  • Strong MIS to determine use of assets by users across locations, channels and platforms
  • Dedicated hosting on the world’s no.1 cloud server with strong security licences.
  • Dedicated offline and online technical support for uninterrupted service.
  • Reduce resource time and cost for managing digital assets


  • Cloud genetics offers security , flexibility and eliminates dependency on physical servers
  • DigiSafe’s users get 24 x 7 x 365 access to assets for multi and cross functional use.
  • Quick upload and download capability offers efficiency in marketing and sales functions
  • Partner logo customisation offers instant brand connect resulting in higher sales effort and revenue.
  • Multifunctional and cross platform sharing makes it easy to reach your Target Audience quickly and efficiently.
  • MIS offers effective monitoring of use of your assets across users, locations and platforms
  • Superior hosting offers security, protection and user experience with over 99% uptime
  • DigiSafe offers reduction in resource cost, increase in efficiency which leads to tangible profits almost instantly.

Product Explainer Video

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